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The energy of these candles is very romantic and loving. They promote compassion and empathy, love, and romance. The energy of this blend is similar to the feelings you get with a new love, sweet and loving. I made these candles on the full moon, and the oils and herbs in this blend carry Venus energy.


Scent profile is delicious strawberry, tonka bean, and vanilla. All rules by Venus.


They are made to aid you in your spiritual path for whatever your needs may be. They can be used for spells, rituals, as meditation candles, altar candles, etc.


Coconut Wax

8 oz tin

Topped with herbs and charged Crystal quartz crystals.


*As with all magickal products, results are not guaranteed.


Candle and fire safety PSA! The element of fire is dangerous. Take precaution. These are rules for all candles but especially Magick infused candles with herbs. Herbs are flammable. Do not leave your candle unattended, ever. Burn within sight and on a heat resistant surface. Burn only up to 2 hours at a time. Keep your wick trimmed at 1/4", and once your candle only has 1/4" remain, smudge it out. And for a good even burn without tunneling, make sure the whole top of the candle pools before turning off the first time.


Most candles will not have any issues, however magick candles respond to energy from self, the home, intentions, etc. High wavering flames means your candle is fighting spiritual energy and debris, and 99/100 times, there is heavy energy in the home that needs to be energetically cleansed. Once you see high flames, watch it even more carefully. Other notations, low flame, drowned out wick means your candle is up against strong energy and a stronger spell and action must take place if the candle does not regulate.

Sweet Love Candle

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